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Modern Sanitization Techniques Help Win The Battle Against COVID In Your Commercial Building

Commercial building owners have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Commercial building owners need to follow all sanitizing protocols to stay in a safe and healthy environment.


There are many tough decisions that business owners face daily. From balancing expense reports to pleasing their customers, there’s nothing that you wouldn’t do to ensure that they continue to patronize your business. Sometimes, things out of your control occur, and the next thing you know, you’re adapting your strategies on the fly. 

In January 2020, the world was brought to a standstill when the COVID-19 Virus (SARS-CoV-2) began to decimate the entire planet. Everyone was caught by the seat of their pants as everything shut down except for those places deemed essential to living. It’s now 2021, and while we are on the brink of defeating the current strand, there is still much that needs to be done. 

How Can A Commercial Business Succeed Against The Coronavirus?

The biggest thing standing in the way of commercial businesses is sanitization. It becomes challenging to stay on top of the cleanliness of your establishment while customers are giving you patronage. No matter how much wiping down you do, you can’t eliminate all germs and viruses that enter your facility. 

Another significant issue is having the ability to enforce the practices that your business puts in place. If your state has lifted a mask mandate, regardless if you have a policy of not servicing individuals without a mask or not, you can’t force them to comply. It leaves you and your business at the mercy of the consumers inside of your building. 

Poor hygiene of the general public has also been attributed to the passing of the COVID-19 virus, and a lot of the time, people aren’t thinking about the next person who will touch a door handle, a faucet, chair, etc. Even simple actions like coughing/sneezing into their hands or mouth don’t completely protect you from transmitting the virus if you’re a carrier.

The question then becomes as a business owner, what can you do to not only provide your services to those who spend money in your store but make sure that it is safe and clean from COVID-19? The answer lies in two words: Electrostatic Fogging. 

What Is Electrostatic Fogging?

Electrostatic Fogging is an excellent way for businesses to quickly, safely, and efficiently sanitize their commercial buildings. Fogging doesn’t require any human contact; it can reach all surfaces in the immediate area and go into places that conventional cleaning can’t begin to access. Plus, the results that occur after having a fogging service performed by experts such as the ones at PROS Make Ready Sanitizing Services will leave you in awe and make your internal environment feel brand new. 

Electrostatic foggers charge the product and wrap around any surface without leaving behind residue that requires cleaning. It gets applied quickly and not only kills the germs and viruses in your internal environment but eliminates them completely. The fog seeps into the air ducts and HVAC systems to also eliminate germs, allergens, and viruses living inside the ducts while being circulated throughout the whole building. This dramatically improves the air quality in your commercial building and prevents sickness & disease from spreading with routine service. 

Commercial building owners need to follow all sanitizing protocols to stay in a safe and healthy environment.

PROS Make Ready Is Your Choice For Sanitization Services In Oklahoma!

We as a society are beginning to make headway in the fight against COVID-19, and now more than ever is the time to enforce newer, modern sanitization techniques like those offered by the professionals at PROS Make Ready Sanitizing Services. Our patented application process is quick, efficient, and applied without leaving behind a messy residue. Our product is EPA-registered, NSF certified, non-irritant, non-caustic, and non-corrosive. 

If you want more information or want to schedule service, don’t hesitate to call us at (405)777-3216 or request a quote to get started!

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