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Why Electrostatic Fogging Is Beneficial To You

Since COVID-19, the old methods of using over-the-counter disinfectants and regular cleaning practices are now being revealed as old-fashioned. Learn more about the benefits of electrostatic foggers.


The world’s current climate in the last 18 months has shown that there needs to be a change in how we approach cleaning in our everyday lives and how we view our sanitation practices. The old methods of using over-the-counter disinfectants and regular cleaning practices are now being revealed as old-fashioned, and we must evolve with the times. For this reason, electrostatic fogging is critical for modern sanitization. 

What Makes Electrostatic Fogging Such A Powerful Tool?

Many illnesses in the world are connected to sub-standard cleaning practices, the proximity of yourself around potentially ill individuals, or making contact with unsanitary surfaces or surroundings in your environment. While we are on the road to recovery from the pandemic, we have to be concerned about the other main viruses and germs. 

Things like MRSA, Influenza, RSV and other viruses are still alive and well in the world. While washing hands, social distancing, and wearing a mask provide a level of protection, we can take it a step further with the implementation of Fogging services. 

Here at PROS Make Ready, we provide a certified medical-grade fogging service that is tailored to fit the dimensions of the home or business that we are servicing. Not only do we service any size home or business, but our patented application process penetrates all surfaces as well as reaches places that conventional cleaning can’t dream of touching. Our product is eco-friendly, registered with the EPA, NSF certified, non-irritant, non-caustic, and non-corrosive. 

Our electrostatic foggers charge our product and help it wrap around any surface without leaving behind a residue that needs to be cleaned up. It gets applied in 15 minutes and not only kills the germs and viruses in your internal environment but eliminates them. There’s no better feeling than walking into a clean, sterile environment that looks and smells fresh. The difference between having conventional sanitation services and our modern approach is night and day. 

What Does The Fogging Do?

Our fogging services do a couple of things. First, it sanitizes the area that the fogging is applied. Second, it eliminates all germs in the immediate area, kills all signs of viruses in the vicinity, seeps into the air ducts and HVAC system to kill allergens & dander (in all forms), and removes unpleasant odors in the area (potentially caused by mold & mildew). Lastly, it provides you with that all-important peace of mind that only cleaning as thorough as our patented application process can provide. 


PROS Make Ready Sanitizing Services Is The Best Choice For Your Sanitation Needs!

Germs, viruses, mold & mildew, and other harmful forms of bacteria are all over the place. Using disinfectant wipes or cleaning solutions isn’t enough in the world’s current situation, and you need an extra oomph to drive home that need for cleanliness. The professionals at PROS Make Ready Sanitizing Services can come into your internal environment, apply our sanitization services, and be finished all within the time of a lunch break. 

Were you wondering if our services are the right fit for you? Feel free to contact us at (405) 777-3216 with any questions, or click here for a quote or schedule service!

It's a toxic world out there. Bring some peace of mind to your corner of it.


PROS Make Ready provides sanitizing and disinfecting services to businesses and consumers in the Oklahoma area. Since 1993, they have proven their ability to go BEYOND Clean - 100% Sanitized & Safe for YOU!!! ...Read more


“What is there not to like about Sybil and Pros Make Ready Sanitizing Service! She was professional, informative, and extremely detailed in all of her work. Can not recommend highly enough. They are amazing!” ~ Kyle Perkins - Google

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“We needed a cleaning on short notice before our office opened on a Monday morning. Sybil was quick to respond and react to our needs. I’m thrilled we’ve chosen to use this company to keep our Keller Williams offices clean and safe for our agents, staff, and guests during this challenging time.”

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