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Sanitizing and Disinfecting Services
For Your Home & Business

COVID-19 Disinfecting Services Oklahoma City

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Residential & Commercial

The ongoing pandemic has made disinfecting, cleaning, and sanitizing services a top priority in many homes and businesses. PROS Make Ready specializes in sanitization services; in fact, it is all we do. Our Covid-19 sanitizing and disinfecting services for homes, daycare centers, churches, offices, and any business are proven effective and will give you peace of mind.

Our COVID 19 Cleaning Services include:

  • Door knobs, light switches, doors, and all high touch surfaces.
  • All Hard & Soft areas including electronics, furniture, walls, without damaging.
  • Treatment time is complete in minutes.
  • One-time or on-going services customized to your needs.
Sybil disinfecting a business in Oklahoma City from COVID-19
Sybil disinfecting an Oklahoma City business from COVID-19

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Coronavirus Disinfection Service for Homes, Schools, & Businesses

Churches & Community Centers

Keep your visitors safe with our Covid-19 disinfecting service for churches and community centers.

Retail Stores

We Sanitize retail shops and more without damaging products.


Sanitize your home with an EPA Approved disinfectant after buying a new home, open house, or a positive COVID-19 test.

Office Buildings

Our office disinfection services keep your business open, employees working, and limit sick days.

Daycare Centers & Schools

We disinfect and sanitize daycare centers, schools, and transport vehicles with EPA-approved disinfectants for daycare, so you can open back up with confidence.

Medical Offices

We sanitize and disinfect clinics and professional medical offices.

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Coronavirus Cleaning – Our Process

We use an EPA-approved, hospital-grade disinfectant sanitizer proven to kill the human coronavirus and other pathogens after 10 minutes of saturation. An electrostatic fogger delivers our proven disinfectant. The fogger allows the disinfectant to reach areas often missed by a conventional cleaning by getting into cracks and crevices and hard and soft surfaces.

At PROS Make Ready, we give new homeowners peace of mind that their new home has been disinfected and assist realtors by disinfecting before an open house.

For businesses and offices, when an employee has tested positive for the coronavirus, we provide emergency services to get back to business quickly. To give your customers and employees security, we provide a certificate showing the establishment has been professionally sanitized and disinfected.

Churches and Community Centers

We service and clean churches and community centers. We cover all of the touch points and more in the sanctuary, classrooms, and common building areas. If you have had a positive COVID-19 case in your church, we provide emergency services.

It's important to keep public areas in the church clean with an effective Covid-19 disinfecting and sanitization service in your community center or church. We make sure that all areas and public spaces people go are as safe as possible with an EPA-approved disinfectant solution.

Office Spaces & Businesses

For all office and business environments, it's important to have the area professionally cleaned and sanitized often, no matter how many employees work there. From small businesses to large corporations, we clean and disinfect all areas for COVID-19 and other airborne pathogens.

We provide both routine cleaning and sanitization services customized to your needs. Your employees and visitors will feel better knowing they are walking into a business that has been cleaned and disinfected.

Daycare Centers & Schools

Oklahoma parents depend on you to look after their little ones while they go back to work; an outbreak can be devastating to your business. It is so important to keep the little ones safe from viruses such as COVID-19 or RSV. Parents feel confident putting their child in your care, knowing your facility is disinfected and sanitized on a regular basis.

Kids touch everything! This is why a fogging solution that sanitizes every nook and crevice is so important. Our product is non-corrosive, and you do not have to wipe everything down before the little ones return.

We clean and sanitize all of the areas in your daycare or school facility and buses and transport vehicles where the kids play and share toys. It also includes high-touch points such as light switches, doorknobs, counter tops, and all bathroom facilities.

Realtors & Property Managers

We help keep the home selling and rental process as safe as possible for the buyers, sellers, and renters for realtors and property managers.

For realtors, we schedule a time to come before and after your open house. Our service disinfects and sanitizes the areas where people have been walking through and touching surfaces throughout the home. We also service the home before a move-in and provide a certificate for the new homeowner that the home has been professionally cleaned and sanitized.

For property managers, we treat all areas of the home or apartment for not only COVID-19 but other viruses and germs that the previous tenant may have left behind. Our services also include the common areas where the virus is most likely to be transmitted, including the clubhouse, laundry rooms, exercise rooms, and models.

Hospital-Grade Disinfectant

Our hospital-grade, EPA-approved disinfection and sanitizing product is delivered with an electrostatic fogger getting to all the areas viruses and organisms live. After treatment, you will feel a "lightness" to the air. Our product kills viruses and removes the pathogens that cause odors and a heaviness to the atmosphere.

Open your doors each day with confidence, knowing the area has been sanitized and disinfected. PROS Make Ready brings over 30 years of experience in cleaning and disinfecting homes and businesses. We are the right choice; it is our specialty. Check out our reviews, give us a call if you have questions, or schedule your cleaning and sanitizing service.

Disinfect - Sanitize - Protect

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