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Sanitizing and Disinfecting Services
For Your Home & Business

Rated #1 Best Commercial Disinfecting Services in Oklahoma City

Our commercial disinfecting services keep visitors and staff healthy by removing germs, bacteria, viruses, and more from your building.

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Kill the Viruses and Allergens That Enter Your Place of Business.

PROS Make Ready is based in Oklahoma City and has helped businesses provide a cleaner environment for their staff, clients, and customers since 1993. We provide professional sanitizing and disinfecting services to businesses throughout the State of Oklahoma.

Here at PROS Make Ready Sanitizing Services, we provide EPA-approved, effective fogging and sanitation services for businesses of various sizes. No matter if your business is large or small, we can treat them all. By having regular treatments, you can optimize your business by:

  • Providing mental security to you, your staff, and customers.
  • Reduce staff calling in sick for the efficiency of your business.
  • Providing peace of mind for current and new customers.
  • Job security for your employees, especially those who may suffer from a weak immune system.
  • Professional sanitation is a selling point during the current climate of the world.
  • Save money with fewer employee sick days and efficiency that impact your bottom line.

Create a safer environment for your employees and customers with our environmentally-friendly sanitizing and disinfecting services.

“It's a toxic world out there. Bring some peace of mind to your corner of it.”

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We don't just kill or mask over germs and viruses - We Eliminate Them!

disinfect touchpoints from staff and customers

Germs are invisible to the naked eye and exist in the air and on surfaces. They tend to absorb all of the nutrients in your body while producing toxins. These toxins usually cause symptoms in the body, such as coughing, vomiting, rashes, or even diarrhea.

kill Airborne allergens from flowers, trees
Airborne Allergens

Used in HVAC systems and air ducts for antimicrobial control, including eliminating bacteria, mold, mildew, and other fungi. Leaves HVAC systems and air ducts free of microbial contamination and ensures air quality.

eliminate the odors in your business
Various Odors

Environmental odors come from many sources. We leave a fresh, clean smell in your office that will have your environment feeling refreshed and renewed. While the basis of the odor is unknown, our sanitization techniques can eliminate the root of the problem.

mold caused by leak in ceiling
Mold Spores

Mold spores can cause many problems, especially within your commercial property, since they can cause interruptions in your business if employees end up getting sick. This can be especially detrimental if you have people with respiratory problems, as they can cause severe reactions in their bodies.

micro view of virus that lives on surfaces

The threat of viruses is significant to your customers and staff. Whether it is eliminating influenza, COVID-19, or other various viruses, our patented application will wrap around everything and eradicate the source of the problem.

safe for you and your customers
Ecologically Safe

We are Ecologically Safe, EPA registered, NSF certified — safe for use on food contact surfaces without having to throw away food that comes in contact with our product. After treatment, we leave the area so clean of toxins, there is a “lightness” in the air.

“We had Pros Make Ready come out last week and treat our ducts.  She was very professional and on time.  And even though we keep our filters changed regularly, we were able to notice a significant difference in the air we breathe.  We highly recommend Sybil for all your sanitizing needs.”

On Average It Cost a Business $1685 When an Employee is Absent.

Are Disinfecting Services Essential After COVID-19?

For many of us, COVID-19 brought to light a realization that we could do more as business owners to protect our staff and visitors. While normalcy is beginning to return, there are still variants of the virus discovered to this day, and the fight is not over.

Having a vaccine is part of the solution, but fortifying your business to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, including the Delta variant. Not only does our fogging services eliminate these strands, but we also take care of:

  • Influenza
  • RSV
  • MRSA
  • H1N1 (bird flu)
  • Other potentially harmful viruses

While the viruses mentioned above aren't as severe as COVID-19, they can also reduce productivity in your business by causing employees to leave early or miss work entirely, causing you to lose more money in the long run. Taking the steps of ensuring that you're able to operate at total capacity is paramount during these times. The professionals at PROS Make Ready are capable of providing your business a germ & allergen-free environment.

How long will it take to sanitize the premises?

The great thing about our patented fogging service is that we can be in and out of your business in a matter of minutes. We operate efficiently yet safely so that you can get back to doing what's most important to you: making money. On average, we can have your business thoroughly sanitized by the end of your lunch break, with a feel in the air that not only feels but smells clean.

What are the advantages of using a fogger to sanitize surfaces?

Simply put: the fogging mist reaches places that other methods cannot, giving you a more thorough clean. Not only can it travel in-between, beneath, and through surfaces, but it will wrap around everything since our electrostatic foggers allows positive ions and negative ions come together to wrap around all surfaces that it comes into contact with. Anywhere air goes - it goes!

Our product not only reaches what you can see on the surface but also eliminates the micro particles, pollutants, and allergens that are floating in the air. Ask about our patented fogging system which treats your HVAC system (Heating, Venting & Air Conditioning) and removes allergens and germs that circulate throughout the building. This helps to provide a more clean, breathable atmosphere for your customers, clients, or tenants if you own residential properties.

Our services are quick and efficient, ready to be used at a moment's notice, during an emergency, regular maintenance, or if you're interested, we can provide you with our product as well to continue using in your business. Our product is EPA-approved for eliminating SARS-COV-2 (coronavirus), and is essential in the fight against the virus for your business.

What options do we have for company vehicles?

At PROS Make Ready, we are a certified medical sanitation service. This also carries over to how we sanitize your various company vehicles regardless of whether your business vehicle is personal or commercial. We provide service for your private limousines, vans up to a fleet of trucks. The size and scale of your operation are of no consequence to us as we are more than prepared to provide sanitation services that will leave your vehicle 99.9999999999999% germ-free after we've finished our service.

Fleet Vehicles - These are usually vehicles classified with performing specific tasks such as hauling cargo/product, part of a more extensive operation, etc. When you think of these types of vehicles, you may think of just trucks and vans; however, other passenger vehicles such as buses, taxis, and even limousines are considered fleet vehicles. If you operate a business that involves these vehicles, it would be a benefit to have your fleet sanitized by PROS Make Ready Sanitizing Services.

Personal Vehicles - Many individuals are now using their personal vehicles to conduct their business in this day of convenience. With services such as Uber, Lyft, Doordash, and other passenger/delivery services, you come in contact with many surfaces when entering and exiting your vehicle. The same can be said for your clients.

You want to make sure that frequently touched surfaces are free of germs, allergens, and viruses. Having a fogging performed by us will offer peace of mind for you, your staff, employees, clients, and customers, along with providing an inviting environment for your mobile office.

sybil disinfecting a medical office in oklahoma city

Sybil disinfecting a chiropractor's office.

It's a toxic world out there. Bring some peace of mind to your corner of it.

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Here's what our Customers are saying…

“We had our house and car sanitized today because we were affected by covid and we wanted to ensure that any family members would be protected.  Pros Make Ready were professional and very efficient.  Great value for the peace of mind this process provides.”

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