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Sanitizing and Disinfecting Services
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Automotive Disinfection

Vehicle Disinfection Services to Meet Your Needs

Automotive sanitation is one of the most neglected areas that we tend to ignore. We clean our homes, our businesses on a daily or weekly basis, but we don't give a second thought to the sanitary level of our vehicles. At PROS Make Ready Sanitizing Services, we excel at providing sanitization services for your vehicles, whether it's on a grand scale of a fleet of trucks or your own personal mobile office.

  • Disinfects both hard and soft surfaces of the vehicle.
  • Purify the air in the vehicle.
  • Remove odors.

Our mobile vehicle sanitizing services come to where you are.
Going BEYOND Clean - 100% Sanitized & Safe for YOU!!!

Keep your vehicle free from the germs and viruses that are picked up while out and about.

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Why should I have my personal vehicle disinfected?

Did you know that the average person spends about an hour inside of their car daily? This doesn't include hours spent inside of other styles of vehicles that we interact with for our jobs. With all of the things we do inside our cars or trucks, they are exposed frequently to adverse environmental changes.

If you've ever ridden inside of a friend's car and you can smell what they ordered from a takeout place two days ago, that may be a sign that they need a sanitizing of their vehicle. Now apply that same logic to yourself and ask when was the last time (if ever) that you've had your vehicle treated? The answer, more than likely, is never, or at best, a long time ago.

Sanitizing your vehicle is more than just removing the germs, allergens, and viruses from your car or truck. It can also help to remove the unpleasant odors that spawn from the inside of your vehicle when opening up your doors and refresh your car's internal environment to an almost brand new state. Our patented application can even potentially remove the odors that you thought would never, EVER come out of your vehicle.

What viruses does vehicle disinfection cover?

As with any of our services, our patented application process covers the complete elimination of many types of viruses found out in the world that you may come in contact with. These include but aren't limited to:

  • SARS-COV-2 (coronavirus)
  • Influenza
  • RSV
  • MRSA
  • H1N1 (bird flu)
  • Other potentially harmful viruses

The electrostatic foggers that we employ wrap themselves around everything and not only kill the germs but eliminate them for good with a 99.9999% success rate of complete removal.

What options do we have for vehicle disinfection?

Our certified medical sanitization fogging service is available to you whenever you may need it. We are here to service your needs, including (but not limited to):

  • Emergency Services
  • One Time Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Our Product for your cleaning and daily sanitizing needs

We also treat the contaminated air that can make you and your passengers sick, taking away your focus while operating the vehicle.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us today for more information or schedule your services with PROS Make Ready Sanitizing Services.

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It's a toxic world out there. Bring some peace of mind to your corner of it.

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Here's what our Customers are saying…

“This is the second time they have treated my home.  My family used to suffer with allergies and it was about two trips to the dr a year per person due to flu, strep or allergy visits.  Since having this done once every 18 months there have been zero such visits to the Doctor.”

Sanitization & Disinfecting Services